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English-Hindi > american capital

american capital meaning in Hindi

american capital sentence in Hindi
american    अमरीकी नागरिक
capital    पूँजी संपत्ति
1.American Capital is known for stock funds and taxable bond funds.

2.American Capital also has other creditors with claims against the firm.

3.It also bought Van Kampen American Capital Inc . last October.

4.Back then, American capital markets were firing on all cylinders.

5.Batlle bristled at the news conference in this South American capital.

6.This city was named the American Capital of Culture for 2005.

7.A retribution attack was made on the American capital of Washington.

8.Froehlich, chief investment officer at Van Kampen American Capital.

9.Surrealism gripped the American capital at the onset of the millennium year.

10.But American Capital Strategies has managed to do just that.

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