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american elk meaning in Hindi

american elk sentence in Hindi
अमरीकी बारहसिंघा
american    अमरीकी नागरिक
elk    एक प्रकार का
1.This exhibit is home to North American elk and a small population of wild turkey.

2.When alarmed, they will often display a distinctive flared rump, much like the American elk.

3.The North American Elk Breeders Association, for example, was formed in 1990 with fewer than 300 members.

4.They often behave like larger North American Elk and display amazing battles between potential male mates during mating season.

5.Some hunters on the North American continent employ the . 378 for American elk, Brown bears, and polar bears.

6.It is smaller than North American elk ( " Cervus canadensis canadensis " ) with smaller and stouter antlers.

7.Some hybridisation happened with the closely related American elk ( " Cervus canadensis nelsoni " ) introduced in Fiordland in 1921.

8.Population trends in North American elk and deer ( mule deer and white-tailed deer combined ) may be heading in opposite directions.

9.There is a consensus that the European Red Deer ( Cervus elaphus ) and Wapiti / American Elk ( Cervus canadensis ) are two separate species.

10.Officials from the North American Elk Breeders Association adamantly challenge such claims, and contend that they are victims of a campaign of misinformation by the wildlife community.

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