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English-Hindi > amplitude modulation

amplitude modulation meaning in Hindi

amplitude modulation sentence in Hindi
आयाम अधिमिश्रण

आयाम मॉडयुलन
आयाम मॉडुलन
आयाम विकृति
amplitude    अधिकता आयाम
modulation    उतार-चढ़ाव लय ठीक
1.Bit 59 ( no amplitude modulation ) is phase-modulated as a 0-bit.

2.Conventional effects that can be achieved include amplitude modulation and time stretching.

3.Amplitude modulation of a carrier signal normally results in two mirror-image sidebands.

4.This results in an amplitude modulation and is why TETRA requires linear amplifiers.

5.A fading channel effectively imposes an unwanted random amplitude modulation on the signal.

6.The output polarizer converts the phase shift into an amplitude modulation.

7."' QAM "'is a digital television standard using quadrature amplitude modulation.

8.The coupling is only dissipative because of the dissipative nature of the amplitude modulation.

9.The FT-7B also offers Amplitude Modulation ( AM ) mode.

10.The remaining pulses contain data using pulse position amplitude modulation.

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modulation of the amplitude of the (radio) carrier wave
Synonyms: AM,

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