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English-Hindi > ancillary service

ancillary service meaning in Hindi

ancillary service sentence in Hindi

सहायक सेवा
ancillary    अनुगत अनुषंगी
service    कर्मचारी सर्विस
1.IOAS or in office ancillary services include a wide range of services.

2.Other ancillary services offered to passengers include Tiger's priority boarding " BoardMeFirst ".

3.In medicine, what does the term " non-therapy ancillary services " refer to?

4.Various ancillary services such as rehabilitation therapy and imaging services are also available.

5.CMRAs typically provide ancillary services such as facsimile, copy or courier.

6.Ancillary services include a laboratory and a modern radiology department.

7.Both the Brighton and Sussex Falmer sites have accommodation, shopping facilities and other ancillary services.

8.REITs are now allowed to generate only 5 percent of revenue from such ancillary services.

9.Others are still used for administrative or ancillary services.

10.The opportunity at Midway is for ancillary services such as hotels, restaurants and meeting spaces.

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