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English-Hindi > approach velocity

approach velocity meaning in Hindi

approach velocity sentence in Hindi

• उपगमन वेग
approach    समीप गमन आग्रह
velocity    गति चाल जल्दी
1.For such axial-flow compressors, consider a set of guide vanes with an approach velocity c1.

2.The vorticity of this boundary layer is normal to the approach velocity c _ { 1 } and of magnitude

3.The resulting stagnation pressure is highest near the water surface where the approach velocity is greatest, and smaller lower down.

4.:: : : : you are incorporating classical velocity addition We can use classical velocity addition for approach velocity and we should use relativistic velocity addition for object velocity.

5.For a target with an approach velocity of Mach1 300 m / s ), the Doppler shift will be about 20 kHz and the time shift of the pulse will be about 20ns.

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