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English-Hindi > are welding

are welding meaning in Hindi

are welding sentence in Hindi

• आर्क बैल्डिंग
are    एक सौ वर्ग मीटर का
welding    झाल लगाना झलाई
1.Their blowtorches are welding, not cutting.

2.Keyboardist-guitarist-singer Gore, singer Gahan, synthist Fletcher, and set designer Anton Corbijn are welding together the music and machinery for Depeche Mode's live show'98.

3.Inside a cavernous workshop, men in blue overalls are welding and hammering away at stripped-down cars, racing to armor-plate them for Thailand's election campaign.

4.The students are welding the stock pieces to produce the sub assemblies that are sent back to the company to be painted and delivered to the customers.

5.One broken wire and the glass becomes clear while you are welding, then you are blinded . talk ) 00 : 10, 24 April 2013 ( UTC)

6.The proposed deal comes as the mergers that are welding together many of the world's largest banks, automakers and telephone companies come to bear on the energy business.

7.The college offers Associate in Arts and Associate in Applied Science degrees, as well as tech prep and certificate programs, among these are welding, corrosion technology, and process operations.

8.The use of all tools run by internal-combustion engines, such as chain saws, also is banned on Forest Service lands, as are welding arcs and other tools the employ flames.

9.Wheeler's crew of Turkish and Azerbaijani pipe layers are welding the last links in place in an onshore tank farm so that oil from the Azeri sector of the Caspian can start flowing to the world market.

10.Centennial Olympic Park, originally set to open in May, will open six days before the Games begin July 19 . Workers are welding hundreds of steel connections throughout the Olympic stadium, which was supposed to open last fall.

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