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English-Hindi > area factor

area factor meaning in Hindi

area factor sentence in Hindi

area    क्षेत्र क्षेत्रफल
factor    दूसरे की ओर से
1.To find basal area using this method, simply multiply your BAF ( Basal Area Factor ) by the number of " in " trees in your variable radius plot.

2.Lets say you carried out a survey using a variable radius plot with angle count sampling ( wedge prism ) and you selected a Basal Area Factor ( BAF ) of 4.

3.The scientific principle is that apparent linear size is inversely proportional to distance; the area factor is the square of the linear factor, and the volume factor is the cube.

4.It happens when a tree cannot be easily determined as in or out when using a Basal Area Factor ( BAF ) 5, 10, and 20 angle gauges result in PRFs of 3.89, 2.75, and 1.94 ( feet inch  " 1 ) respectively.

5.Illumination ( due to day / night cycles, magical / environmental darkness or the presence / possession / use of a light source ) can affect whether the identity of the originator of a message can be perceived, in addition to non-area factors like blindness / deafness ( due to spell effects, items ( e . g . a blindfold ), etc . ), and invisibility ( from spells and affects ).

6.The flagship study of the Center, " Planning and Programming Factors for Expeditionary Operations in the Third World ", was published by the Marine Corps Combat Development Command ( MCCDC ) in March 1990, and was unusual for relying exclusively on open sources of information for creating a matrix of 143 mission area factors that could be objectively evaluated in relation to five degrees of difficulty, and for being published as an unclassified rather than a classified study.

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