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English-Hindi > arm length

arm length meaning in Hindi

arm length sentence in Hindi

भुजा लंबाई
arm    हत्था हथियार
length    दूरी फैलाव लंबाई
1.Height, arm length, flexibility, and other body characteristics can also be relevant.

2.Lula, Gutierrez and others have held the volatile Chavez at arms length.

3.The key is to develop systems to keep them at arms length.

4.They voted to incorporate Niles City, therefore keeping Fort Worth at arms length.

5."The aim is to keep politicians at arms length, " said the official.

6.Following Rogers'primary victory, state and national Democratic leaders kept her at arms length.

7.Limited, owned by the district council at " arms length ".

8.Some of the qualities measured include; height, weight, hand size, arm length, flexibility.

9.All of these agreements may not have been at " arms length ".

10.The company was operated at arms length from both Young's and Charles Wells.

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