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English-Hindi > ask for trouble

ask for trouble meaning in Hindi

ask for trouble sentence in Hindi
मुसीबत मोल लेना
मौत को बुलावा देना
मुसीबत मोल लेना
मौत को बुलावा देना
ask    चाहना पूछना
ask for    पूछना सवाल करना ask
for    क्योंकि के लिए के
trouble    हंगामा क्लेश
1.To flag a cab on these streets today is to ask for trouble.

2.We even had the USO . So why ask for trouble?

3.In those cases, the funds made good the difference, but why ask for trouble?

4.Why ask for trouble and cause your own downfall and that of Judah also ?"

5.On the other hand, good workers ask for trouble by asking a bad boss too many questions.

6.But the ASNE report also suggests that perhaps newspapers ask for trouble without needing to do so.

7.Nobody ever came back to me and said,'Bludman, you're doing things incorrectly .'Why ask for trouble ?"

8.Why ask for trouble, when simply following our own policy in regards to copyright law keeps us safe?

9.To get into a public dispute with people whose companies buy ink in 100-gallon drums is to ask for trouble.

10.Few people are schooled in how to behave around dogs, either their own or someone else's, and many dog owners handle their pets in ways that ask for trouble.

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persist with actions or an attitude despite the probability that it will cause trouble; "He is asking for trouble with his behavior"
Synonyms: ask for it,

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