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English-Hindi > assistant auditor

assistant auditor meaning in Hindi

assistant auditor sentence in Hindi

सहायक लेखापरीक्षक
सहायक संपरीक्षक/लेखापरीक्षक
assistant    सहायक नायब
auditor    आडिटर लेखा की जांच
1.After he left Hong Kong, Shelly was appointed Assistant Auditor-General of Accounts of Mauritius in 1847.

2.Instead of the contact, though, they cross paths with Fiolla, an assistant auditor-general with the Corporate Sector Authority.

3.Assistant Auditor-Controller Maria Oms said about 80 percent of the county's travel needs are handled by American Express One.

4.He is also the Assistant Auditor for the Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines in the year 2011.

5.He then worked as an Assistant Auditor-General, before leaving the public service to work for a management consultancy in Wellington.

6.Not counted in Gunter's action was the Citrus Commission's decision Wednesday not to hire an assistant auditor for Inspector General Bill Weathers.

7.Fadden was Principal officer with the Auditor General from 1988 and promoted as legal advisor and assistant Auditor General in the Office of the Auditor General of Canada from 1990 to 1996.

8.After graduating, she started working for the Audit Office ( now Audit New Zealand, one of the business units of the Controller and Auditor-General ) as an Assistant Auditor, and completed qualification as a Chartered Accountant.

9.Above director grade, Directors General have responsibility for specific cross NAO functions ( such as Audit Practice and Quality, and Finance and Commerce ) and Executive Leaders ( previously " Assistant Auditors General " ) support the Board.

10.Still, Texaco says, the company can point to the promotions in the last year of three blacks to senior positions, including the assistant to the vice president of Texaco U . S . A . and an assistant auditor.

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