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English-Hindi > at keyboard

at keyboard meaning in Hindi

at keyboard sentence in Hindi

ए टी की-बोर्ड
ए टी कुंजी पटल
at    ऐट स् पर में से की
keyboard    कीबोर्ड कुंजीपटल
1.Why not look more closely at keyboards, mice and monitors?

2.She was the only woman editor at Keyboard, ever.

3.Their first gig was on 16 April 1973 at keyboards.

4.An AT keyboard could not be used in an XT, nor the reverse.

5.At many libraries in the Microsoft program, there are now waiting lists to sit at keyboards.

6.The AT keyboard uses a bidirectional interface which allows the computer to send commands to the keyboard.

7.Within the game, one could switch to the AT keyboard layout by pressing Alt-K.

8.IBM gave a nod to the new standard by making this its arrangement for the PC-AT keyboard.

9.The baby-boomers'children started kindergarten in the late 1980s and many are now at keyboard-punching age.

10.Overhead, CNBC's market commentary blared from a TV . Other traders tapped away at keyboards at other workstations.

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