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English-Hindi > atomic constant

atomic constant meaning in Hindi

atomic constant sentence in Hindi

• परमाणु-स्थिरांक
atomic    अंतः परमाणुक
constant    अचलराशि नियत
1.Arising from this work he also deduced the then most accurate values of ratios of atomic constants ."

2.Circa 1942, Stetter led a group of six physicists and physical chemists in measuring atomic constants and neutron cross sections, as well as investigating transuranic elements.

3.His work on the Zeeman effect resulted in a correction to the accepted value of the e / m ratio, as well as stimulating R . T . Birge and J . W . M . Dumond to work up a consistent set of precise atomic constants.

4.The 21st General Conference on Weights and Measures ( CGPM, 1999 ) placed these efforts on an official footing, and recommended " that national laboratories continue their efforts to refine experiments that link the unit of mass to fundamental or atomic constants with a view to a future redefinition of the kilogram . " Two possibilities have attracted particular attention : the Planck constant and the Avogadro constant.

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