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English-Hindi > atomic physics

atomic physics meaning in Hindi

atomic physics sentence in Hindi
• परमाणु भौतिकी

• परमाणु-भौतिकी
• सही
atomic    अंतः परमाणुक
physics    भौतिक-विज्ञान
1.He remained largely self-taught, studying general relativity, quantum mechanics, and atomic physics.

2.His main interests are atomic physics, condensed matter physics and many-body physics.

3.He also collaborated with the International Institute of Atomic Physics in Geneva.

4.Randall oversaw Michigan s substantial growth in atomic physics and nuclear physics.

5.Examples include nuclear and atomic physics, biophysics, social physics, and stellar physics.

6.Siegbahn's precision measurements drove many developments in quantum theory and atomic physics.

7.X-rays quickly became the most powerful tool for the development of atomic physics,

8.Concurrently, advances in atomic physics stimulated investigations in stable isotope geochemistry.

9.The de Broglie hypothesis helped resolve outstanding issues in atomic physics.

10.He came at a time when atomic physics was going in new directions,

the branch of physics that studies the internal structure of atomic nuclei
Synonyms: nuclear physics, nucleonics,

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