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English-Hindi > attachment style

attachment style meaning in Hindi

attachment style sentence in Hindi

आसक्ति शैली
attachment    संलग्नक अनुराग
style    स्टाइल ढंग धूप घड़ी
1.People with this attachment style have mixed feelings about close relationships.

2.Relationship-specific attachment styles indicate relationship-specific working models.

3.Changes in attachment styles are complex and depend on multiple factors.

4.Trade-offs between current and future reproduction influence attachment styles.

5.She played the primary role in suggesting that several attachment styles existed.

6.Ratings of likely attachment responses corresponded to people's attachment styles.

7.The desire for less closeness is not determined by attachment styles alone.

8.Attachment styles tend to remain stable from infancy to adulthood.

9.Attachment styles reflect child rearing environments and are adaptively patterned.

10.Their less desirable attachment styles may be predictors of poor later social development.

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