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English-Hindi > attacking ship

attacking ship meaning in Hindi

attacking ship sentence in Hindi

आक्रामक पोत
attacking    आक्षेप चढ़ाई
ship    जलयान जहाज जहाज़
1.This would have made an obvious target for any attacking ship.

2.He believes the pirates were attacking ships travelling from Siraf to Basra.

3.Riker defeats the attacking ships and the " Enterprise " escapes.

4.It reportedly says the documents also detailed methods for attacking ships in the Gulf.

5.The attacking ship belongs to Pahl Bewchard, a sworn enemy of Lord Valjon.

6.It would be out attacking ships.

7.The modifications are done in time, and they are able to destroy the attacking ships.

8.At 09 : 15, " Sydney " spotted Direction Island and the attacking ship.

9.However, not being able to maintain his ships, he started attacking ships from other countries.

10.When attacking ships, missiles can fly at an altitude of a few meters above sea level.

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