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English-Hindi > attempted rape

attempted rape meaning in Hindi

attempted rape sentence in Hindi

प्रयासित बलात्कार
प्रयासित बलात्संग
attempted    प्रयतित प्रयत्न
rape    उल्लंघन बलात्कार
1.This study did not measure lifetime incidence of rape or attempted rape.

2.SEX A hot necking scene and an attempted rape, but no nudity.

3.Paul Fuller is charged with 17 counts including rape and attempted rape.

4.Casel Lucas, the prisoner who testified is a felonies including attempted rape.

5.Zurwehme is also suspected in an attempted rape July 21 near Hannover.

6.In a climatic night of horror, an attempted rape leads to tragedy.

7.He also admitted two rapes and two attempted rapes at this time.

8.It contains bloody violence, attempted rape, profanity and language often considered obscene.

9.The lawsuit referred to the alleged acts as " attempted rape ".

10.The jury unanimously rejected his claims and convicted him of attempted rape.

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