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English-Hindi > attend on

attend on meaning in Hindi

attend on sentence in Hindi

की देखभाल करना
सेवा में उपस्थित रहना
attend    हमेशा जाना देखभाल
on    लगातार लगा हुआ आगे
1.The bishops of Narbonensis could not attend on account of an epidemic.

2.She will still join about 400 ex-mermaids expected to attend on Saturday.

3.Three days later, the city went on strike to attend On's funeral.

4.However, Ferguson was unable to attend on account of airline difficulties.

5.However, a landlord could have a real estate agent attend on their behalf.

6.All pupils attend on full scholarship and admission is extremely competitive.

7.Embattled Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is expected to attend on Sunday.

8.Students from other districts may attend on a space available basis.

9.Folks went to church who would normally not attend on any other Sunday.

10.Nintendo Australia ran a competition for 15 VIPs to attend on its opening night.

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