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attractive force sentence in Hindi

"attractive force" meaning in Hindiattractive force in a sentence
  • :Of course this will depend on how you model your attractive forces.
  • For other experimental systems, attractive forces could however play a larger role.
  • It explores difficult problems of motions perturbed by multiple attractive forces.
  • The negative sign indicates that the force is an attractive force.
  • Propositions 70 84 deal with the attractive forces of spherical bodies.
  • If there were no attractive forces between molecules, would there be no flight?
  • The atoms in metals have a strong attractive force between them.
  • And q3 is falling because of the attractive force of q1 and q3.
  • At primary minimum, attractive forces overpower the repulsive forces at low molecular distances.
  • The attractive forces between polyethylene chains arise from weak van der Waals forces.
  • When attractive forces dominate, " Z " is less than unity.
  • Even though the spring exerts an attractive force, it may destabilize.
  • The second term corrects for the attractive force of the molecules to each other.
  • From the outset, we knew of many different sources of this mysterious attractive force.
  • Physicists define gravity as the attractive force between two masses.
  • In Newton's model, gravity is the result of an attractive force between massive objects.
  • Under Newton's model, gravity was the result of an attractive force between massive objects.
  • An atom experiences an attractive force with all nearby atoms according to the Lennard-Jones potential.
  • This pairing is caused by an attractive force between electrons from the exchange of phonons.
  • V vdW is the attractive force between all particles.
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