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English-Hindi > attribute data

attribute data meaning in Hindi

attribute data sentence in Hindi

attribute    धर्म भाव विशेषता
data    बातें दी हुई या
1.A fully attributed data model contains detailed attributes ( descriptions ) for every entity within it.

2.Contention occurs as a result of the ULA reading the display and attributes data in this RAM to produce the TV video display.

3.In more modern languages, is there any way of representing this kind of multi-attribute data that is better than an array?

4.Research In Motion attributed data overload due to switch failures in their two data centres in Waterloo in Canada and Slough in England as the cause of the service disruptions.

5.RELAX NG has no ability to apply default attribute data to an element's list of attributes ( i . e ., changing the XML info set ), while W3C XML Schema does.

6.When MapInfo Professional creates a seamless table it makes a simple vector layer which contains a rectangle for each base data set with attribute data defining the file path to the files containing the base data.

7.Edward S . Lowry filed a computer software patent application in which he described an application program that managed database information by using software data structures that he called " attribute data objects " ( ADOs ).

8.This approach is particularly efficient and scalable when dealing with spatial and topological data which tends to flow in larger volumes and require more processing then plain attribute data ( for example during a map redraw operation ).

9.Some practitioners also recommend the use of Individuals charts for attribute data, particularly when the assumptions of either binomially distributed data ( p-and np-charts ) or Poisson-distributed data ( u-and c-charts ) are violated.

10.Spatial data commonly consists of a geographic element and related attribute data; therefore spatial ETL transformations are often described as being either " geometric transformations "-transformation of the geographic element-or " attribute transformations "-transformations of the related attribute data.

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