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English-Hindi > au naturel

au naturel meaning in Hindi

au naturel sentence in Hindi
au    दूरी का माप पृथ्वी
naturel    प्राकृतिक
1.Some even enjoy them au naturel-- just like cookies.

2.It wasn't all puttering and liverwurst au naturel.

3.The only furs left au naturel were the sables and Persian lambs.

4.But now he may leave the kitchen walls au naturel.

5.They fall off polo ponies and get themselves photographed au naturel on secluded beaches.

6.The artist famous for her au naturel stage appearances is covered in unnatural substances.

7.No, make that the au naturel thing.

8.Kati, au naturel but completely natural.

9.What started this trend of au naturel skiing was not skiing at all, but snowboarding.

10.For every au naturel Kate Hudson, there may always be an implant-intoxicated Pamela Anderson.

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