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English-Hindi > auroral electrojet

auroral electrojet meaning in Hindi

auroral electrojet sentence in Hindi

ध्रुवीय ज्योति
auroral    उषा संबंधी
electrojet    इलेक्ट्रोजेट
1.An auroral electrojet index ( measured in nanotesla ) is regularly derived from ground data and serves as a general measure of auroral activity.

2.In the high latitude ionosphere ( or auroral zones ), the Birkeland currents close through the region of the auroral electrojet, which flows perpendicular to the local magnetic field in the ionosphere.

3.By a strange twist of physics, the magnetic disturbance on the ground due to the main current almost cancels out, so most of the observed effect of auroras is due to a secondary current, the auroral electrojet.

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