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English-Hindi > b complex

b complex meaning in Hindi

b complex sentence in Hindi
b    विटामिन बी बी
complex    भीति संकुल समष्टि
1.There are also nine lettered B complex vitamins ( e . g.

2.This particular substance was vitamin B, and it was labelled B Complex.

3.Vitamin B complex plus extra Vitamin B12-act as anti-stress and anti-ageing agents.

4.I am told alfalfa, vitamin C, vitamin B complex and zinc are good.

5.B complex vitamins have been implicated in causing the condition.

6.Vitamin B complex to help improve blood flow to the surface of the skin.

7.Developed new method for detecting choline, a vitamin B complex.

8.Some breweries, like Albani Brewery of Denmark, fortify their non-alcoholic beverages with Vitamin B complex.

9.I am currently on evening primrose oil, B complex, dong quai and cod liver oil.

10.She worked with rhesus monkeys, studying Vitamin b complex.

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