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English-Hindi > b vitamin

b vitamin meaning in Hindi

b vitamin sentence in Hindi
बी विटामिन

b    विटामिन बी बी
vitamin    भोजन तत्व पोषक
1.The vitamin in question is folic acid, a B vitamin.

2.It is full of B vitamins and high in vitamin A.

3.Several B vitamins and other dietary minerals are in significant content.

4.B vitamins from either foods or supplements were found to be protective.

5.Because beer is made from fermented grains, it provides B vitamins.

6.This is added insurance to make sure you get some B vitamins.

7.In enriched products, some of the B vitamins are added back.

8.An adequate supply of B vitamins is also strongly recommended.

9.B vitamins are found in whole grains, meat, nuts and seeds.

10.B vitamins and vitamin C may also be helpful.

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