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English-Hindi > babble out

babble out meaning in Hindi

babble out sentence in Hindi
भेद खोल देना
राज़ खोल देना
babble    कलकल का शब्द
out    हड़ताल पर बहाना
1.After I babbled out whatever I had to say that night, he came down to say hello.

2.Lindsay Duncan's pinched, nervous Rose babbles out banalities to her grimly impassive husband and to the strangers who intrude on her small, shabby flat, obscurely threatening both it and her.

3.A baby babbles out of the right side of the mouth, Bates said, not because the left brain contains a language organ but because the left brain is in charge of fine-motor activity.

4.The London reviewers were variously reminded of the mad King Lear cowering in his hovel during the storm, of Samuel Beckett's derelicts babbling out their tales of suffering, of some ascetic medieval martyr, of the stripped and beaten Jesus and of the grisly lumps of bare human flesh that Lucian Freud likes to paint.

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