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English-Hindi > baby doctor

baby doctor meaning in Hindi

baby doctor sentence in Hindi
baby    प्रेयसी बच्चा
doctor    पंडित विद्वान
1.Baby doctors say this puts profit ahead of sound medical practice.

2.The nation's baby doctors aren't alone.

3.She's even been called " baby doctor " by patients.

4.I wanted to be a baby doctor then and now, just to please her.

5.Nevertheless, Maier has written the definitive biography of America's most famous baby doctor.

6.As a baby doctor, Whitehead can vouch for the increasing number of children women are having.

7.Today America's 55, 000 pediatricians are no longer just baby doctors dispensing inoculations and cough syrups.

8.At Lacor hospital, a mother wearing gloves and a mask held a baby doctors said was unlikely to survive.

9.You're the nation's leading baby doctor, an expert on what makes human beings do what they do.

10."I guess that's why I became a baby doctor, thinking of those kids, " he said later.

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