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baby fat sentence in Hindi

"baby fat" meaning in Hindibaby fat in a sentence
  • He came here 20 pounds overweight with a lot of baby fat,
  • His baby fat began melting away while he was still a baby.
  • He has replaced baby fat with muscle on his 6-foot-3, 300-pound body.
  • Baby fat is also no longer something children grow out of.
  • Ellis, at 6-6, 338, has turned much of his baby fat to muscle.
  • He has a tendency to carry a lot of baby fat,
  • Too much baby fat and too little coordination kept him on the sidelines.
  • Arquette, with the baby fat burned out of her cheeks, looks the part.
  • Not until he started to lose some of the baby fat.
  • The idea that baby fat always disappears is not always true,
  • "My baby fat has turned to muscle now, " he says.
  • Wisconsin's Rashard Griffith : Too much baby fat and too lazy.
  • That's baby fat, if anything, and it helps increase their visibility.
  • The " Enquirer " story starts : " Talk about baby fat !"
  • HEALTH-BABY-FAT-- At one time, baby fat was something kids outgrew.
  • No, I didn't have a boob job _ I just lost my baby fat.
  • Brown fat, also known as " baby fat, " is used to generate heat.
  • He replaced much of the baby fat with muscle.
  • Bright is the film's real find, however, an old soul still adorned in baby fat.
  • It was all this baby fat he carried around.
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