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English-Hindi > bag filter

bag filter meaning in Hindi

bag filter sentence in Hindi

• बेग छन्‍ना
bag    बोरिया बहुत सारा
filter    निष्यंतक निस्पादक
1.The fly ash is removed by fabric bag filters or electrostatic precipitators.

2.The dusty exhaust air is cleaned, usually with bag filters.

3.The slurry is first bag filters or electrostatic precipitators.

4.The fly ash is periodically removed from the collection hoppers below the precipitators or bag filters.

5.The panel filter is cheaper to replace and maintain, and thus protects the more expensive bag filters.

6.The shaker-type fabric or bag filter has since become a standard feature of power stations in New South Wales.

7.By the early 1960s, the plant was starting to produce larger and more complex equipment  mills, concrete-pouring and concrete-placing machines, and bag filters.

8.The exhaust is primarily CO 2 produced from the anode consumption and hydrogen fluoride ( HF ) from the cryolite and electrostatic or bag filters.

9.To reduce visible emissions, the electrostatic precipitators of'A'Station were upgraded to shaker-type fabric filters, and those of'B'Station were upgraded to high pressure pulse jet bag filters, in 1976.

10.Others are cleaning grain of foreign material and broken kernels before storage, spraying edible mineral oil on conveying equipment to control dust and installing pneumatic dust-collection systems using bag filters.

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