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English-Hindi > ball mill

ball mill meaning in Hindi

ball mill sentence in Hindi

गुलिका पेषणी
गोलक पेषणी
गोला मिल
बाल मिल
बॉल मिल
ball    अच्छा समय गोला
mill    कारख़ाना चक्का
1.Types of dry rawmill include ball mills, roller mills and hammer mills.

2.The ball mills were driven by the waters of the Almbach river.

3.A ball mill is a large rotating drum used to pulverize ore.

4.A ball mill consists of a hollow cylindrical shell rotating about its axis.

5.Today, a single ball mill operates primarily as a tourist attraction.

6.In this method the reactants are ground and blended in a ball mill.

7.The Krupp ball mill was replaced in 1908 ( Kerr, 1992, 3 ).

8.Basically, four ball mills work at a time while another one is in standby.

9.It is an energy efficient alternative for a ball mill.

10.Energy consumption is typically half that of a ball mill.

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