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English-Hindi > ball of fire

ball of fire meaning in Hindi

ball of fire sentence in Hindi
तेज़ी से तरक्की करने वाला
ball    अच्छा समय गोला
of    स् का की पर बाबत
fire    प्रदीप्ति आंच
1.Francoise, who greets you, is a ball of fire.

2.It appears the new deputy director is a ball of fire.

3.The memory of that ball of fire became kindling for jokes.

4.Pastner is a goal-oriented, overachieving ball of fire.

5.Balls of fire arrive over the mountains to complete the destruction.

6.These little balls of fire will roam freely around the stage.

7.His film credits include " Great Balls of Fire,"

8."But I don't expect any ball of fire.

9.Some reported seeing a burst and a ball of fire.

10.As he wrote in " Great Balls of Fire ":

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