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English-Hindi > ball pen

ball pen meaning in Hindi

ball pen sentence in Hindi
ball    अच्छा समय गोला
pen    घेरा बाँध जानवरों
1._Papermate Dynagrip RT 10 Ball Pen, package of 3, Kmart, $ 3.59

2._Papermate Dynagrip RT 10 Ball Pen, package of 3, Kmart, $ 3 . 59

3.She's been decked by other children in ball pens.

4.Liquid ink roller ball pens flow extremely consistently and skip less than gel ink pens do.

5.There are two main types of roller ball pens : liquid ink pens and gel ink pens.

6.The Ohto Model CB-10F Ceramic Roller Ball Pen was used at the 1990 Economic Summit of Industrialized Nations.

7.He almost fought Static again but did not and was so scared that he hid in a ball pen and quit.

8.Plotters were large format and pen based, using amid of roller ball pens and Rotring wet ink pens of several thicknesses and colour.

9.We witnessed the age of modern, throwaway biros and ball pens thatthreatened the very existence of the cumbersome, manual-fill-up-with-inkand leaky, messy fountain pens.

10.Boetti continued to work with a wide array of materials, tools, and techniques, including ball pens ( biro ) and even the postal system.

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