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English-Hindi > ballad opera

ballad opera meaning in Hindi

ballad opera sentence in Hindi

• गाथा संगीतिका
• बैलेड ऑपेरा
ballad    गीत गाथागीत छोटी
opera    गाने के साथ नाटक
1.His compositions include operas, cantatas, ballad operas, string quartets, and many songs.

2.In the 18th century, some Singspiele were translations of English ballad operas.

3.The play is Fielding's first truly political play and first ballad opera.

4.It has been described as a modern example of a ballad opera.

5.It was highly successful and set the tone for Fielding's later ballad operas.

6.James Worsdale's " A Cure for a Scold " is also a ballad opera.

7.Reynolds worked on the revival of 18th century ballad operas.

8.Also in 1730, Ralph wrote a ballad opera called " The Fashionable Lady ."

9.Some of the solo vocal pieces are in the simple style of popular English ballad opera.

10.He also wrote poetic dramas and ballad operas.

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