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bank advances sentence in Hindi

"bank advances" meaning in Hindibank advances in a sentence
  • First Bank advanced to 1 / 2 to 89 15 / 16.
  • Banks advanced on investors'anticipation of another quarter of record earnings, analysts said.
  • As banks advanced, traders sought to cover shares they had sold short.
  • Computer, telephone, semiconductor and banks advanced as oil, retail and drug issues lagged.
  • First Union's earnings rose 11 percent and profit at First Bank advanced 7 percent.
  • Shinsegae Merchant Bank advanced 8 percent to 5, 830.
  • First Bank advanced to 9 / 16 to 90.
  • Other interest-rate sensitive stocks like banks advanced as well.
  • Bank advances to companies declined in the first half of 2001-02 ( April-March ), Chaudhury said.
  • Nippon Credit Bank advanced 3 yen to 250.
  • Banks advanced, offsetting a decline in auto stocks such as Proton Bhd . and Diversified Resources Bhd.
  • Banks advanced even as interest rates rose.
  • The bank advanced him $ 130, 000.
  • Banks advanced even as interest rates rise.
  • He served in World War I and returned to the bank advancing up the ladder from assistant cashier.
  • With the date of Lou Ann's surgery quickly approaching, Gene receives a bank advance on his radio contract.
  • The bank advanced the money to the taxpayer and had the refund deposited directly into an account as repayment.
  • Among the banks, Discount Bank advanced 2.75 percent, Bank Hapoalim tacked on 0.75 percent and Bank Leumi rose 0.25 percent.
  • Sumitomo Bank rose 31 yen ( 89 sen ) to 1, 275 and Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank advanced 34 to 1, 627.
  • U . K . banks advanced Friday on hopes that lower interest rates will lead to increased borrowing and increased profits.
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