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English-Hindi > bank advances

bank advances meaning in Hindi

bank advances sentence in Hindi

बैंक उधार
bank    कतार किनारा साहिल
advances    मूल्यवृद्धि
1.First Bank advanced to 1 / 2 to 89 15 / 16.

2.Banks advanced on investors'anticipation of another quarter of record earnings, analysts said.

3.As banks advanced, traders sought to cover shares they had sold short.

4.Computer, telephone, semiconductor and banks advanced as oil, retail and drug issues lagged.

5.First Union's earnings rose 11 percent and profit at First Bank advanced 7 percent.

6.Shinsegae Merchant Bank advanced 8 percent to 5, 830.

7.First Bank advanced to 9 / 16 to 90.

8.Other interest-rate sensitive stocks like banks advanced as well.

9.Bank advances to companies declined in the first half of 2001-02 ( April-March ), Chaudhury said.

10.Nippon Credit Bank advanced 3 yen to 250.

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