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bank balance sentence in Hindi

"bank balance" meaning in Hindibank balance in a sentence
  • Oh, and don't you think your bank balance is a little low?
  • Computers let customers log onto the Internet and check their bank balances.
  • Your career, your bank balance and the musician who gave you work.
  • Could one of those things be the band's shrinking bank balance, perhaps?
  • A fat bank balance provides more than psychological comfort for a candidate.
  • And he knew that for him, goals are like a bank balance.
  • Customers with high bank balances may get it for free, Lyter predicted.
  • Nevertheless, alternatives exist for people with high hopes and low bank balances.
  • It seems to have restored its bank balance and renewed its classical style.
  • There's no doubt, though, that the ETrade options could help Thurow's bank balance.
  • Some people are very happy to live with a very small bank balance.
  • For the moment, the most significant item settling downward is Tarango's bank balance.
  • Now, of course, I want to crawl into her bank balance!
  • The boy-to-line ratio is still short, but then so is our bank balance.
  • Faced with a shrunken bank balance he starts to sleep out.
  • An opportunity to boost your bank balance must be accepted immediately.
  • They expand and contract with weather and mood swings and new bank balances.
  • Strong efforts must be made to erase these debts from bank balance sheets,
  • The Republican and Democratic Senate campaign committees are both showing big bank balances.
  • It might also prove a big problem for the drivers'bank balances . ( tjh)
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