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bank bill sentence in Hindi

"bank bill" meaning in Hindi
  • New Zealand 90-day bank bills fell 14 basis points to 8.62 percent.
  • The 90-day bank bills traded recently at 7.56 percent, unchanged from yesterday.
  • New Zealand 90-day bank bills rose to 9.54 percent from 9.46 percent.
  • Ninety-day bank bills were quoted at 9.03 percent from 9.36 percent Wednesday.
  • Henry Clay of Kentucky said in debate over a bank bill in 1841.
  • Australian 90-day bank bills were quoted at 6 . 32 percent.
  • Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi's government sent two key bank bills to Parliament Wednesday.
  • New Zealand 90-day bank bills fell 14 basis points to 8 . 62 percent.
  • He said he has not spoken with Mrs . Clinton about the bank bill.
  • Rates on 90-day bank bills fell to 6.92 percent from 7.07 percent earlier today.
  • The 90-day bank bills traded recently at 7 . 56 percent, unchanged from yesterday.
  • Ninety day bank bills rose to 7.77 percent, the highest since Jan . 7.
  • Establish a preparatory committee to prepare a central bank bill.
  • Three-month bank bill futures fell 0.16 to 92.54, an implied yield of 7.46 percent.
  • In 1862, he drafted the Legal Tender Act, and the National Currency Bank Bill.
  • Ninety-day bank bills, the rate the central bank targets, were quoted at 7.47 percent.
  • The nation's 90-day bank bills recently traded at 10.27 percent from 10.30 percent Monday.
  • The monetary conditions index incorporates the rate on 90-day bank bills and the trade-weighted index.
  • For 90-day bank bill futures see ZBA Cmdty GIP.
  • Ninty-day bank bills rallied around 20 basis points to 7.85 percent as the currency strengthened.
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