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English-Hindi > barge pole

barge pole meaning in Hindi

barge pole sentence in Hindi
• बजरा खेने की बल्ली
barge    नौका बजरा माल
pole    खंभा चोब पोल छड़
1.No sensible software expert would touch this with a barge pole.

2.But we don't touch this kind of story with a barge pole ."

3."We wouldn't touch those with a barge pole, " he said.

4."US courts usually don't want to touch these cases with a barge pole, " said Wilson.

5.Now, it seems that no one on Wall Street will touch Internet stocks with a barge pole.

6."There are certain actors who wouldn't touch it with a barge pole, " says Turner, a former actor himself.

7."No mainstream Muslim organization will touch Al-Muhajiroun with a barge pole, " said Inayat Bungalawala of the Muslim Council of Britain.

8.Towards dawn he had a dream that an eight-year-old girl pushing his boat with a large barge pole and setting it afloat.

9.Larry Feign, one of Hong Kong's best known and most popular cartoonists, says newspapers here won't touch his work with a barge pole.

10."We are not being coy about this, but I wouldn't have touched this with a barge pole if it was trashy or exploitative ."

a long pole used to propel or guide a barge; "I wouldn''t touch it with a barge pole"

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