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English-Hindi > barrier beach

barrier beach meaning in Hindi

barrier beach sentence in Hindi

रोधिका पुलिन
barrier    आड़ आड़ घेरा नाका
beach    तीर पुलिन बालू-तट
1.Cars are banned on most of Fire Island, a 30-mile barrier beach.

2.Chesil Beach is a barrier beach on the southwest coast of the county.

3.Lacking barrier beaches, it is directly exposed to Lake Ontario's winds and waves.

4.The two barrier beaches are both nesting sites for the endangered piping plover.

5.However, the barrier beach with its sand dunes eventually closed this opening permanently.

6.The Chavara barrier beach portion contains concentration of heavy minerals above 60 %.

7.The shortened Napatree Point is now a barrier beach without any roads or houses.

8.Around 60 % of the Chavara barrier beach portion is composed of heavy minerals.

9.Overall, the refuge encompasses over of barrier beach, intertidal wetland and fragile island habitats.

10.Barrier beaches and river deltas migrated eastward into the seaway.

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