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English-Hindi > barrier height

barrier height meaning in Hindi

barrier height sentence in Hindi

रोधिका की ऊंचाई
barrier    आड़ आड़ घेरा नाका
height    बुलंदी चरम सीमा
1.The symmetry-imposed barrier heights of group transfer reactions can also be analyzed using correlation diagrams.

2.The Woodward Hoffmann rules are used to predict relative barrier heights, and thus likely reaction mechanisms.

3.Note that the probabilities and amplitudes as written are for any energy ( above / below ) the barrier height.

4.In practice, the Schottky barrier height is not precisely constant across the interface, and varies over the interfacial surface.

5.To form an excellent ohmic contact ( low resistance ), the barrier height should be small everywhere and furthermore the interface should not reflect electrons.

6.For the junction to admit electrons easily in both directions ( ohmic contact ), the barrier height must be small in at least some parts of the junction surface.

7.Note that, if the energy of the particle is below the barrier height, k _ 1 becomes imaginary and the wave function is exponentially decaying within the barrier.

8.After it breaks the line-of-sight, it can achieve approximately 1.5dB of additional noise level reduction for each meter of barrier height " ".

9.Analysis of the DSC profile of BBL with this model resulted in zero barrier height, i . e . downhill folding, confirming the earlier result from the statistical mechanical model.

10.Both ohmic contacts and Schottky barriers are dependent on the Schottky barrier height, which sets the threshold for the excess energy an electron requires to pass from the semiconductor to the metal.

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