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English-Hindi > barrier lake

barrier lake meaning in Hindi

barrier lake sentence in Hindi

रोधिका झील
हिमोढ रोधिका झील
barrier    आड़ आड़ घेरा नाका
lake    कूल झील ताल तालाब
1.Two day-use areas, Barrier Dam and Barrier Lake, are maintained by Alberta Community Development.

2.After construction, the outlet was replaced by a faced, rock-filled, timber-crib weir, thus restoring Barrier Lake to its former elevation.

3.At the third checkpoint, vehicles passing by were directed to the parking lot of the Barrier Lake Information Center for inspection.

4.The river passes by close to Santa Comba and flows through several barrier lakes ( Fervenz, Ponte Olveira, Castrelo, Santa Uxia ).

5.He was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, the son of Aaron Dewhurst and Amelia Cameron, and was educated in the Barrier Lake area.

6.It has a drainage area of consisting of a number of lakes, chief among which are Mari Lake,, Barrier Lake,, and Birch Burntwood Lake,.

7."' Lacul Rou "'(,  " Killer Lake " ) is the largest barrier lake, in the Eastern Carpathians chain in Harghita County, Romania.

8.Jamie Johnston, standing near vehicles being searched Sunday at the Barrier Lake Information Center on Highway 40, the lone paved road to the summit venue at Kananaskis.

9.The outlet of Barrier Lake was cut through, and its of water was lowered in order to furnish enough power to complete the construction at Island Falls.

10.On the western side a steep hiking path leads down to lake Garda, while at the eastern side the slopes are more gentle and fall down to the small barrier lake Lago di Pr?della Stua.

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