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English-Hindi > battered child syndrome

battered child syndrome meaning in Hindi

battered child syndrome sentence in Hindi

आहत बाल संलक्षण
battered    फूटी फटा-पुराना
child    नासमझ बच्चा बच्ची
child syndrome    प्रताडित बालक
syndrome    लक्षण-समष्टि
1.Child abuse, or battered child syndrome was first reported in the medical literature in 1946 by Caffey.

2.The doctor also noted the extent of Terrell's fresh and old injuries and diagnosed him with " battered child syndrome ."

3.Modern interest in the so-called battered child syndrome goes back to 1962, and interest in the field really took off in the 1970s.

4.Her battered child syndrome was immediately diagnosed and reported to local police and juvenile probation authorities, and she was taken into protective custody.

5.While helpful, the foregoing general history of the battered child syndrome is not conclusive on the precise question in the case at bar.

6.In some of the 300 or so parricide cases in this country each year, " battered child syndrome " is cited as a factor.

7.Child maltreatment began to garner mainstream attention with the publication of " The Battered Child Syndrome " by pediatric psychiatrist C . Henry Kempe.

8.It appears from the literature that the battered child syndrome was first tentatively identified and reported to the medical profession in the early 1950s.

9.The Children's Bureau also contributed to a growing awareness of child abuse, or " battered child syndrome " as it was called in the early 1960s.

10.This occurred prior to a Thanksgiving Day beating in 1996, which necessitated a trip to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with Battered child syndrome.

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