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English-Hindi > bawling out

bawling out meaning in Hindi

bawling out sentence in Hindi
• डाँट
bawling    क्रंदन
out    हड़ताल पर बहाना
1.Jackson accepted the post of Deputy Director on three conditions, one of which was " no bawlings out ".

2.All these drunks out on the sidewalk, the kind of people who are drinking at 7am, bawling out'I did it My Way '.

3.That foray brought a bawling out from his superiors, and Johnson would recall that he " had a reputation as a sort of wild man ."

4.Well, let's go through the numbers, and my guess is that they will do the job without requiring much of a bawling out from me.

5.Gorter submitted to Zenga's general bawling out of the team during a scrimmage and concluded the session, as usual, with some light-hearted bets on spot kicks.

6.His bullying, his volcanic temper, the cruel bawling out of subordinates, and a fondness for the imperial trappings of command that verged on megalomania, are by now well documented.

7.One of the first scenes involves Corinne ( Lynn Whitfield ), proud mother of potential bride Shelby, bawling out a caterer for sending a white bride figurine for the wedding cake.

8.When he was on the grill the second time, he added to the gayety of the situation by bawling out Congress and this caused such a melee that he came within a couple of votes of being thrown out ."

9.This is especially so if your employer's matching contributions for 401 ( k ) savings are generous . ( In view of the bawling out I got above, I just barely dare suggest that if you keep this money in your 401 ( k ) plan, it might improve your children's chances of getting student aid _ although as the reporting requirements change it may make no difference .)

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