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be intimate sentence in Hindi

"be intimate" meaning in Hindi
  • No man is to be intimate with me before marriage .'
  • War by remote control turns out to be intimate and disturbing.
  • Although they would be intimate, their relationship would be unconsummated.
  • I wanted it to be intimate with only the players and coaches.
  • The rape, she said, affected her ability to be intimate.
  • Sports fans want to be intimate with their information and their team,
  • Her Monday happening was intended to be intimate, though hardly quiet.
  • "We won't be intimated by terrorists,"
  • He has said he would not be intimated by demonstrations or strikes.
  • In a movie it continues to be intimate, continues to be private.
  • Sorenstam never seems to be intimated by her surroundings.
  • The restaurant was designed to be intimate and comfortable.
  • Young people may have physical sex, but it may not be intimate sex.
  • It needed to be intimate, accessible, and have depth . . ..
  • Yet, most movies coming out of Hollywood look too perfect to be intimate.
  • Organizers wanted the Olympics to be intimate with the venues close to one another.
  • She becomes very withdrawn, telling nobody and refusing to be intimate with Mick.
  • To each community the prairie may be intimate, but its dominant characteristic is expanse.
  • "We'd like it to be intimate and not be a scene.
  • Entertaining would be intimate, although she insisted on a television in nearly every room.
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