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English-Hindi > be intimate

be intimate meaning in Hindi

be intimate sentence in Hindi
be    जीना ठहरना
intimate    प्रज्ञापन करना
1.No man is to be intimate with me before marriage .'

2.War by remote control turns out to be intimate and disturbing.

3.Although they would be intimate, their relationship would be unconsummated.

4.I wanted it to be intimate with only the players and coaches.

5.The rape, she said, affected her ability to be intimate.

6.Sports fans want to be intimate with their information and their team,

7.Her Monday happening was intended to be intimate, though hardly quiet.

8."We won't be intimated by terrorists,"

9.He has said he would not be intimated by demonstrations or strikes.

10.In a movie it continues to be intimate, continues to be private.

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