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English-Hindi > be tickled pink

be tickled pink meaning in Hindi

be tickled pink sentence in Hindi
खुशी से पागल होना
हँसी आना
be    जीना ठहरना
pink    फूलदार पौधा हल्का
1.I would be tickled pink if somebody bought it for me.

2.We'll be tickled pink to see you again.

3.He honestly had thought she'd be tickled pink.

4.Most everyone else will be tickled pink by this sleek Mike Nichols remake.

5.He'd be tickled pink ."

6.Shareholders of the New Valley Corp ., nee Western Union, have every reason to be tickled pink.

7.The bookstore employee would be tickled pink if she could get her sons interested in reading the Hardy Boys mystery books.

8.Clutching his five golden microphone trophies, Isaak said later, " Boy, my mom's going to be tickled pink ."

9."He'd be tickled pink, " said Benavidez's 28-year-old son, Noel, a Houston computer network engineer.

10."We're expecting 25, 000 to 28, 000 people, and if we get about 25, 000 I'll be tickled pink,"

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