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English-Hindi > beam antenna

beam antenna meaning in Hindi

beam antenna sentence in Hindi

• किरणपुंज ऐंटेना
beam    किरन कड़ी चौड़ाई
antenna    ऐंटिना
1.The transponders were supported by steerable narrow beam antennas and drive mechanism for communications privacy.

2.In some antennas, such as split-beam antennas, there may exist more than one major lobe.

3.The JY-9 employs a dual-beam antenna assembly consisting of a deformed parabolic reflector, two horns and two feed channels.

4.Using multiple spot beam antennas and advanced on-board switching and processing systems, ACTS pioneered new initiatives in communications satellite technology.

5.He developed this antenna to resolve issues caused by large coronal discharges while using a beam antenna in the thin air of higher altitudes.

6.Such a multi-beam antenna system increases spectral efficiency, user capacity, and throughput, as well as QoS . The improved performance makes it ideal for broadband wireless communications including mobile systems.

7.While the whole Earth M-code signal is available on the Block IIR-M satellites, the spot beam antennas will not be deployed until the Block III satellites are deployed, tentatively in 2018.

8.It can be said that a radar locate a flying object on a quarter circle in the vertical plane, but cannot know exactly its altitude if it is using a fan-beam antenna.

9.While it did not prove to be particularly useful for power transmission, this beam antenna has been widely adopted throughout the broadcasting and wireless telecommunications industries due to its excellent performance characteristics.

10.The instrument cycled through the three modes while observing the surface geology, topography, and temperature of Venus using the 3.7-meter parabolic, high-gain antenna and a small fan-beam antenna, located just to the side.

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