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English-Hindi > beaten zone

beaten zone meaning in Hindi

beaten zone sentence in Hindi

• आघात जोन
• चालू जोन
beaten    आघात जोन चालू जोन
zone    कटिबंध कमरबंध
1.This sweeping of a selected beaten zone continued as long as the gun fired.

2.Anyone standing within the beaten zone will be hit somewhere from head to foot.

3.The length of the beaten zone could be set on the " Tiefenfeuerautomat ".

4."' Beaten zone "'is a concept in indirect infantry small arms fire, specifically machine guns.

5.It lengthened the beaten zone by walking the fire in wave like motions up and down the range in a predefined area.

6.Two comrades, previously wounded and being carried on litters, were lying helpless in the beaten zone of the enemy fire.

7."' Beaten zone "'can also refer to the area that shells will usually land in when fired from an artillery piece.

8.Miltiades had his men march to the end of the Persian archer range, called the " beaten zone ", then break out in a run straight at the Persian army.

9.Overlapping machine guns, creating a crossfire, using the "'beaten zone "'concept, together with the idea of enfilading were an important part of World War I.

10.Experience of crossing the beaten zone, showed that such lines or metalled roads could not be built quickly enough to sustain an advance and that pausing while communications caught up, allowed the defenders to recover.

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