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English-Hindi > beauty treatment

beauty treatment meaning in Hindi

beauty treatment sentence in Hindi

beauty    नूर छवि शबाब फायदा
treatment    इलाज उपचार चाल
treatment    इलाज उपचार चाल
1.The three later becomes friends and opens a beauty treatment spa together.

2.Treatment rooms were added to provide a range of upmarket beauty treatments.

3.They are also recommended for general well being and beauty treatments.

4.Her routine included moderate exercise and beauty treatments, including mud facials.

5.I haven't figured out how to bump somebody off with a beauty treatment.

6.It contains recipes with medicinal and veterinary cures as well as beauty treatments.

7.Preparing for her imagined comeback, Norma undergoes rigorous beauty treatments.

8.In beauty, Lia cosmetics offers a natural-based, traditional beauty treatment, skincare and make-up range.

9.The off-season on the East End needn't preclude an afternoon of luxurious beauty treatments.

10.Queenie assists Marie in making a LaLaurie style beauty treatment.

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