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English-Hindi > bed and breakfast

bed and breakfast meaning in Hindi

bed and breakfast sentence in Hindi
• बेड ऐंड ब्रेक्स्फ़ास्ट
bed    क्यारी शय्या
and    तथा एवं और एवं औ और
breakfast    जलपान नाश्ता
1.And with bed and breakfasts you can cut bargains for lengthy stays.

2.Jackson has several excellent bed and breakfasts that cater to visiting executives.

3.East Brother Light opened as a bed and breakfast in November, 1980.

4.Angels are camped out at the Gate House Bed and Breakfast Inn.

5.They all but insisted I stay free in their bed and breakfast.

6.This house still stands and operates as a historic bed and breakfast

7.The Internet certainly has enhanced bed and breakfast owner Fran Goss'culinary life.

8.Accommodation ranges from the local hotel to private bed and breakfast arrangements.

9.It is now in use as a bed and breakfast establishment.

10.Some of them have been turned into bed and breakfast inns.

an overnight boardinghouse with breakfast
Synonyms: bed-and-breakfast,

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