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English-Hindi > bed bath

bed bath meaning in Hindi

bed bath sentence in Hindi

• शय्या स्नान
bed    क्यारी शय्या
bath    स्नान गृह स्नान
1.Bed Bath & Beyond is one big retailer that stocks the line.

2.Bed Bath & AMP; Beyond is expanding, and they execute very well.

3.Emplast, $ 2 . 99; available at Bed Bath & amp; Beyond.

4.The inexpensive Bed Bath and Beyond coverlet also felt stiff and scratchy.

5.CALPHALON COMMERCIAL Broadway Panhandler, $ 98.95; Bed Bath & Beyond, $ 115

6.Sodastream also sells its product at most Bed Bath & Beyond stores.

7.ThoughtSpot's clients include companies such as Bed Bath & Beyond and Hightail.

8.Bed Bath & amp; Beyond plans to carry them beginning in January.

9.Mini-Measure, $ 3 . 99; available at Bed Bath & amp; Beyond.

10.As of 2015, the Bed Bath & Beyond store has been closed.

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