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bessemer process sentence in Hindi

"bessemer process" meaning in Hindi
  • The Bessemer process was introduced at the end of the 1800s.
  • Anthony Hill, a later owner, adopted the Bessemer process.
  • The Siemens-Martin process complemented rather than replaced the Bessemer process.
  • You might find Bessemer process and William Kelly interesting for historical purposes.
  • But Scranton could not convince his business partners to adopt the Bessemer process.
  • The Bessemer process was able to produce the first large scale manufacture of steel.
  • He adopted the Bessemer process to increase production.
  • This was one of the first American steel mills which used the Bessemer process.
  • He perfected the Bessemer Process by solving the quality problems which beset the process.
  • Ward created steel rails beginning in 1865 for his railroads using the Bessemer process.
  • The Bessemer process was also restricted to certain ores ( low phosphate hematite ).
  • Bessemer City is named for Sir Henry Bessemer who created the Bessemer process for smelting iron.
  • Zoheth S . Durfee went to England to acquire the patent rights to the Bessemer process.
  • Indeed, the Second Industrial Revolution is largely defined by new availability of Bessemer process steel.
  • He built a mill in 1876 using the Bessemer process for steel rails and quadrupled his production.
  • The Bessemer process for steel manufacture produced too many imperfections for large-scale use on ships.
  • The solution was to turn to steel rails, which the Bessemer process made competitive in price.
  • Its owners would later produce the first Bessemer process steel in the United States after the war.
  • It was established to exploit the recent introduction of the Bessemer process for the manufacture of steel.
  • Another 19th-century steelmaking process was the Siemens-Martin process, which complemented the Bessemer process.
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